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This page hosts the tracker data specifically for mpserver12.flightgear.org. Flights on mpserver12.flightgear.org are recorded to a database.

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Planned ATC sessions

ICAOBegin TimeDateEnd TimeDateFlightplan
EDDF19:00:00 CET2014-08-2923:00:00 CET2014-08-29File Flightplan
ETAR19:30:00 CET2014-08-2922:00:00 CET2014-08-29File Flightplan
EDDF19:00:00 CET2014-08-3023:00:00 CET2014-08-30File Flightplan
LIPX19:30:00 CET2014-08-3023:00:00 CET2014-08-30File Flightplan
LIPA19:30:00 CET2014-08-3022:00:00 CET2014-08-30File Flightplan
LFOK18:00:00 CET2014-08-3120:30:00 CET2014-08-31File Flightplan
EDDF19:00:00 CET2014-08-3123:00:00 CET2014-08-31File Flightplan
LIPQ19:40:00 CET2014-08-3122:00:00 CET2014-08-31File Flightplan
EDDF19:00:00 CET2014-09-0323:00:00 CET2014-09-03File Flightplan
EDDF19:00:00 CET2014-09-0523:00:00 CET2014-09-05File Flightplan

Recently Finished

Showing flights exceeding 10 minutes and starting airport is not the same as destination airport.
All other flights can be found at the pilot details page.

FlightPilotAircraftFrom To Duration
278482CA1304A330-243Colombia SKBOColombia SKBG00:45:37
278455CHT0021777-300EREritrea HHMSOman OOSA02:16:50
278443KL-666777-200LRSpain LEPPSpain LEBA01:30:36
278451AS747-400Australia YMMLAustralia YSCB00:42:13
278351airmile777-200LRIndia VIDPThailand VTBD03:58:05
278419CHT0021777-300ERSudan HSSSEritrea HHMS01:18:05
278441MV-DPCubUnited States of America KSJCUnited States of America KNID00:21:22
278394OK-PTKATR72-500Czech Republic LKMTSlovakia (Slovak Republic) LZTT00:37:14
278337CHT0021777-300ERChad FTTJSudan HSSS02:31:37
278302CA2004Citation-IIUnited States of America KMCOHaiti MTPP02:29:42
278332KLM747TF-104GAustria LOWIItaly LIRF00:31:34
278283BJL01c172pAustralia YPKAAustralia YPLM01:39:46
278243airmileA320neoArmenia UDYZIndia VIDP05:06:03
278267EVX073A321Bosnia and Herzegovina LQSAPoland EPWA01:46:02
278272MH411f-14bMalaysia WMKKMalaysia WMKM00:47:43
278252CHT0013boeing747-400-jwRomania LROPFrance, French Republic LFMN01:54:38
278236GVA0306B1900DUnited Kingdom EGHEUnited Kingdom EGKK01:33:36
278234CHT0013dc3-dpmRomania LRSVRomania LRTC01:20:41
278229BJL01c172pAustralia YBRMAustralia YPKA02:31:13
278213CHT0001737-300United States of America KAVPUnited States of America KAUS03:26:08
278230C-GGKVdhc2Canada CYPKCanada CAK300:36:00
278209CA1504A320-111Panama MPTOCuba MUHA02:40:01
278210BJL01c172pAustralia YCINAustralia YBRM00:45:48
278197EC-LOKOpa24-250-CIIISpain LEVSSpain LEVT01:54:11
278201GVA0028B1900DBrazil SWOBBrazil SWBC01:05:06

Daily Flights


Total Flight Time: 2440 days 04:01:51

 PilotFlight hours
1KL-6662005 Hrs
2GVA00031491 Hrs
3Raptor1440 Hrs
4CHT00011236 Hrs
5EVIL-S2710 Hrs
6MIA0340629 Hrs
7AEP604 Hrs
8AVA0419584 Hrs
9GVA0010576 Hrs
10CA1504556 Hrs
11CHT0009517 Hrs
12CHT0021497 Hrs
13VH-TTT462 Hrs
14CHT0013433 Hrs
15shawn389 Hrs
16GVA0028388 Hrs
17EVX073387 Hrs
18GVX0012369 Hrs
19H-MSTR321 Hrs
20IH-COL311 Hrs
21CA2004278 Hrs
22FN374278 Hrs
23GVA0062276 Hrs
24Side269 Hrs
25AS253 Hrs
26GVA0004232 Hrs
27GVA0113227 Hrs
28DLH713220 Hrs
29OH-OVA216 Hrs
30AVX0470200 Hrs
31GVA0037199 Hrs
32K_LOU193 Hrs
33Alpha190 Hrs
34BRT0192185 Hrs
35d-laser182 Hrs
36CA1604178 Hrs
37D-Sanni170 Hrs
38OK-Hofi167 Hrs
39GVA0107162 Hrs
40CA0001161 Hrs
41MV-DP159 Hrs
42NVA0015155 Hrs
43V4A2184155 Hrs
44Zero-P153 Hrs
45palo153 Hrs
46Magpie149 Hrs
47OO-ISA148 Hrs
48SAF0420144 Hrs
49D-HF47137 Hrs
50GVA0056135 Hrs
 AircraftFlight hours
1737-3005038 Hrs
2777-200ER3400 Hrs
3777-300ER2755 Hrs
4747-8i2646 Hrs
5787-81443 Hrs
6777-2001438 Hrs
7777-200LR1273 Hrs
8707-3J9C1253 Hrs
9B1900D1160 Hrs
10Citation-X1045 Hrs
11A3801019 Hrs
12787975 Hrs
13SenecaII929 Hrs
14707894 Hrs
15DHC6806 Hrs
16c172p797 Hrs
17A320neo786 Hrs
18Tornado-IDS762 Hrs
19A330-243739 Hrs
20tu154b-model644 Hrs
21CRJ700608 Hrs
22A340-600-Models594 Hrs
23MD-81575 Hrs
24777-300504 Hrs
25747-400497 Hrs
26f16492 Hrs
27Bravo447 Hrs
28Citation-II430 Hrs
29A320-111430 Hrs
30747-8F426 Hrs
31f-14b374 Hrs
32dc-3352 Hrs
33A320-211348 Hrs
34Concorde_ba338 Hrs
35DC-6B308 Hrs
36uh1291 Hrs
37ERJ-170289 Hrs
38ATR-72-500286 Hrs
39757-200280 Hrs
40757-200PF272 Hrs
41A330-343256 Hrs
42A321-231240 Hrs
43aerostar224 Hrs
44bo105222 Hrs
45Cessna337199 Hrs
46738197 Hrs
47A320-231197 Hrs
48dhc2190 Hrs
49A330-223178 Hrs
50dr400-dauphin173 Hrs