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This page hosts the tracker data specifically for mpserver12.flightgear.org. Flights on mpserver12.flightgear.org are recorded to a database.

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Showing flights exceeding 10 minutes and starting airport is not the same as destination airport.
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FlightPilotAircraftFrom To Duration
229170rickace777-200United States of America KSJCUnited States of America KSFO00:19:46
229165PK-SSN777-300ERIndonesia WIIIIndonesia WIPP00:27:24
229118Ghetto777-200ERVenezuela SVMINetherlands Antilles TNCM02:42:51
229156rickace777-200United States of America KSJCUnited States of America KSFO00:27:33
229119yv-555777-200LRNepal VNKTBhutan VQPR01:33:29
229002KL-666747-8iNetherlands, the EHAMSwitzerland, Swiss Confederation LSGG05:20:08
229104CA1304dhc2floatsUnited States of America KSJCUnited States of America E1601:09:23
229115CA1806dhc2United States of America KSJCUnited States of America E1600:41:30
229048JAT65707Germany EDDSFrance, French Republic LFSB01:16:51
229052OK-ELFc172pCzech Republic LKLNCzech Republic LKKO01:10:33
229068CA1504A320-211El Salvador MSLPNicaragua MNMG00:45:48
229023V4A2184707Czech Republic LKPRSlovakia (Slovak Republic) LZIB01:44:11
229018Zero-PB-26Cayman Islands MWCRMexico MMUN01:48:51
229040AS757-200United States of America PHNLUnited States of America PHOG00:36:39
229044d-laserCRJ900Germany EDNYGermany EDSP00:14:36
229019OK-BAR737-300Czech Republic LKKVCzech Republic LKPR00:51:44
229013OK-ELFc172pGermany EDFOGermany EDDF00:40:54
228915CA1604A340-600-ModelsUnited States of America 0S9United States of America 4TX003:11:44
228980Zero-PLockheed1049hUnited States of America KBFMUnited States of America KNPA00:31:27
228943380A380United States of America KSJCUnited Arab Emirates OMDB00:34:27
228878CA1504A320-211Panama MPTOEl Salvador MSLP01:45:44
228897PT-ONE777-200LRUnited States of America KSFOUnited States of America KOAK00:36:01
228901CA2602B-1BUnited States of America KOAKUnited States of America KSFO00:13:00
228851ANBO777-200Netherlands, the EHGGNetherlands, the EHVK00:15:42
228830PK-SSN777-300ERIndonesia WIIIIndonesia WAOO01:01:56

Daily Flights


Total Flight Time: 1960 days 09:22:29

 PilotFlight hours
1KL-6662096 Hrs
2Raptor2032 Hrs
3GVA00031853 Hrs
4MIA03401358 Hrs
5CHT0001825 Hrs
6EVIL-S2823 Hrs
7GVA0010808 Hrs
8AVA0419782 Hrs
9Alpha768 Hrs
10TOUR675 Hrs
11VH-TTT638 Hrs
12AEP540 Hrs
13GVX0012473 Hrs
14shawn472 Hrs
15K_LOU457 Hrs
16EVX073423 Hrs
17H-MSTR420 Hrs
18GVA0113406 Hrs
19GVA0028387 Hrs
20FN374369 Hrs
21IH-COL365 Hrs
22AVX0470338 Hrs
23GVA0062330 Hrs
24C-SYDA312 Hrs
25Side305 Hrs
26GVA0004290 Hrs
27GVA0107280 Hrs
28OK-Hofi279 Hrs
29MV-DP271 Hrs
30AS263 Hrs
31palo263 Hrs
32alpha1249 Hrs
33GVA0037241 Hrs
34OO-ISA233 Hrs
35CHT0009230 Hrs
36spec24230 Hrs
37D-ERNU221 Hrs
38OK-AS217 Hrs
39D-HF47214 Hrs
40Magpie207 Hrs
41d-laser206 Hrs
42SAF0420205 Hrs
43EAF-SS1204 Hrs
44V4A2184199 Hrs
45callsig197 Hrs
46D-Sanni189 Hrs
47sjf184 Hrs
48GVA0056184 Hrs
49BR-CBA176 Hrs
503willi170 Hrs
 AircraftFlight hours
1737-3004253 Hrs
2777-200ER3446 Hrs
3747-8i2491 Hrs
4777-300ER1882 Hrs
5787-81650 Hrs
6777-2001332 Hrs
7B1900D1194 Hrs
8707-3J9C1160 Hrs
9777-200LR1113 Hrs
10Citation-X1089 Hrs
11A3801070 Hrs
127871048 Hrs
13SenecaII856 Hrs
14Tornado-IDS808 Hrs
15tu154b-model699 Hrs
16A320neo694 Hrs
17c172p680 Hrs
18DHC6636 Hrs
19CRJ700601 Hrs
20707566 Hrs
21Bravo539 Hrs
22f16526 Hrs
23MD-81502 Hrs
24A330-243470 Hrs
25747-400430 Hrs
26747-8F382 Hrs
27f-14b377 Hrs
28777-300368 Hrs
29Concorde_ba341 Hrs
30A340-600-Models293 Hrs
31ERJ-170283 Hrs
32757-200PF281 Hrs
33A330-343268 Hrs
34A321-231246 Hrs
35Citation-II245 Hrs
36uh1245 Hrs
37DC-6B236 Hrs
38ATR-72-500233 Hrs
39aerostar229 Hrs
40757-200218 Hrs
41mp-eisenhower207 Hrs
42A320-211205 Hrs
43738189 Hrs
44bo105183 Hrs
45Cessna337175 Hrs
46dhc2172 Hrs
47A320-231172 Hrs
48il-96-400171 Hrs
49dc-3169 Hrs
50ufo166 Hrs