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This page hosts the tracker data specifically for mpserver12.flightgear.org. Flights on mpserver12.flightgear.org are recorded to a database.

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Planned ATC sessions

ICAOBegin TimeDateEnd TimeDateFlightplan
EDDF17:00:00 CET2014-10-3118:00:00 CET2014-10-31File Flightplan
EDDF18:00:00 CET2014-10-3122:00:00 CET2014-10-31File Flightplan
LEBL01:00:00 CET2014-11-0103:00:00 CET2014-11-01File Flightplan
LECU01:00:00 CET2014-11-0103:00:00 CET2014-11-01File Flightplan
LEPA14:10:00 CET2014-11-0116:10:00 CET2014-11-01File Flightplan
EHAM15:00:00 CET2014-11-0122:00:00 CET2014-11-01File Flightplan
LEBB18:00:00 CET2014-11-0100:00:00 CET2014-11-02File Flightplan
EDDF18:00:00 CET2014-11-0122:00:00 CET2014-11-01File Flightplan
LEMD20:00:00 CET2014-11-0122:00:00 CET2014-11-01File Flightplan
LEBL20:00:00 CET2014-11-0100:00:00 CET2014-11-02File Flightplan
LECU20:00:00 CET2014-11-0100:00:00 CET2014-11-02File Flightplan
LEPA14:10:00 CET2014-11-0216:10:00 CET2014-11-02File Flightplan
EHAM15:00:00 CET2014-11-0200:30:00 CET2014-11-03File Flightplan
EDDF18:00:00 CET2014-11-0222:00:00 CET2014-11-02File Flightplan
LECU20:00:00 CET2014-11-0200:00:00 CET2014-11-03File Flightplan

Recently Finished

Showing flights exceeding 10 minutes and starting airport is not the same as destination airport.
All other flights can be found at the pilot details page.

FlightPilotAircraftFrom To Duration
296747EUR450CRJ700France, French Republic LFPGUnited Kingdom EGLC00:42:20
296733CHT0001737-300Canada CYZFCanada CYWG02:55:54
296731CHT0021747-8iMyanmar VYYYMyanmar VYMD01:01:46
296714CA2904787United States of America KSFOUnited States of America PANC03:28:43
296685KL-666747-8iMorocco GMTTSpain LEBA01:10:26
296659ACS025tu154b-modelMalta LMMLMorocco GMFK03:03:31
296638CircumnSenecaIIChina ZUALChina ZWSH04:02:58
296639Birdy1A380Netherlands, the EHAMItaly LIMC01:18:20
296634OH-OVAdc-3Spain LEVXSpain LEBG02:00:22
296632PH-ONOXc172pItaly LILOSwitzerland, Swiss Confederation LSZH01:18:56
296621CEMI198A330-343Singapore WSSSMalaysia WMKK00:43:36
296619C-SYDAB1900DCanada CYYJUnited States of America WA8800:18:49
296560CEMI198A380United Arab Emirates OMDBSingapore WSSS06:10:15
296599Birdy1777-300ERNetherlands, the EHLWUnited Kingdom EGKK01:00:12
296597VH-TMCB1900DSpain LEBLFrance, French Republic LFML01:24:55
296546CHT0020787-8United Kingdom EGLLUnited States of America KJFK07:15:35
296584NL-Ray777-200ERNetherlands, the EHAMGermany EDDB01:28:08
296559OH-OVAdc-3Portugal, Portuguese Republic LPPTSpain LEVX01:55:01
296554GVA0306dhc8-400QGuadeloupe TFFFNetherlands Antilles TNCM01:04:16
296544CHT0013BravoRomania LROPUkraine UKKK01:19:34
296513CHT0001737-300Canada CYVRCanada CYZF02:38:26
296508CHT0021747-8iThailand VTSPMyanmar VYYY01:27:32
296498CHT0021747-8iMalaysia WMKKThailand VTSP01:08:48
296488KL-666DC-6BUnited States of America KPHXUnited States of America KSFO02:35:11
296491jasa012777-200ERVenezuela SVMCVenezuela SVMG01:28:56

Daily Flights


Total Flight Time: 2676 days 15:23:11

 PilotFlight hours
1KL-6662252 Hrs
2CHT00011543 Hrs
3GVA00031491 Hrs
4Raptor1440 Hrs
5CHT0021838 Hrs
6EVIL-S2723 Hrs
7AEP645 Hrs
8CHT0013639 Hrs
9MIA0340629 Hrs
10CHT0009593 Hrs
11AVA0419584 Hrs
12GVA0010576 Hrs
13CA1504566 Hrs
14GVA0028477 Hrs
15VH-TTT462 Hrs
16EVX073403 Hrs
17CEMI198390 Hrs
18shawn389 Hrs
19GVX0012369 Hrs
20OH-OVA356 Hrs
21CA2004332 Hrs
22H-MSTR321 Hrs
23IH-COL321 Hrs
24FN374311 Hrs
25GVA0062276 Hrs
26AS276 Hrs
27Circumn271 Hrs
28Side270 Hrs
29CA1604259 Hrs
30DLH713255 Hrs
31GVA0004235 Hrs
32GVA0113227 Hrs
33BRT0192208 Hrs
34AVX0470200 Hrs
35GVA0037199 Hrs
36d-laser196 Hrs
37K_LOU193 Hrs
38Alpha190 Hrs
39D-Sanni190 Hrs
40GVA0107180 Hrs
41CA0001179 Hrs
42NL-Ray172 Hrs
43OK-Hofi167 Hrs
44V4A2184155 Hrs
45NVA0015155 Hrs
46MV-DP155 Hrs
47Zero-P153 Hrs
48palo153 Hrs
49GVA0306149 Hrs
50Magpie149 Hrs
 AircraftFlight hours
1737-3005354 Hrs
2777-200ER3746 Hrs
3747-8i3152 Hrs
4777-300ER3083 Hrs
5787-81628 Hrs
6777-2001565 Hrs
7777-200LR1406 Hrs
8SenecaII1319 Hrs
9A3801287 Hrs
10707-3J9C1281 Hrs
11B1900D1240 Hrs
12Citation-X1072 Hrs
137071043 Hrs
147871017 Hrs
15A320neo947 Hrs
16c172p877 Hrs
17A330-243863 Hrs
18DHC6857 Hrs
19Tornado-IDS762 Hrs
20A340-600-Models738 Hrs
21tu154b-model663 Hrs
22CRJ700617 Hrs
23MD-81584 Hrs
24777-300545 Hrs
25747-400529 Hrs
26f16505 Hrs
27dc-3496 Hrs
28Citation-II483 Hrs
29f-14b478 Hrs
30747-8F458 Hrs
31Bravo450 Hrs
32A320-111442 Hrs
33A320-211346 Hrs
34Concorde_ba339 Hrs
35757-200336 Hrs
36DC-6B322 Hrs
37ERJ-170314 Hrs
38uh1314 Hrs
39757-200PF295 Hrs
40ATR-72-500290 Hrs
41A330-343277 Hrs
42Cessna337251 Hrs
43A321-231240 Hrs
44aerostar234 Hrs
45bo105228 Hrs
46A330-223212 Hrs
47738202 Hrs
48A320-231200 Hrs
49CRJ900197 Hrs
50dhc2196 Hrs